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Home Management For a Healthy Relationship

Household chores, home organization is an essential part of home management but communication is the key to having a well-managed household. Communication is a two-way street. As the child gets older and independent, open and honest communication becomes difficult and rare. To have an open and honest communication with the children at home, develop a good communication while they are still at a very young age and consistently work on it daily. Either at breakfast, lunch or dinner find a daily, 5 to 10 minutes talk with the whole family. Come up with short and simple questions that are easy to answer and open up with. Slowly increase the difficulty of the question as the child’s understanding increases. Help them verbalize their feelings, this can help you evaluate how the child’s day went. As a parent, make sure to also share your feelings, this is important to show your children that it is good and fun to talk together with the family. Help them see how important their feelings and views are to you by giving your undivided attention. Make this a daily habit of your family, this can enhance your roles and relationship with each other.

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